Parker & Family - One Year Later

Thursday, December 22, 2011 | |

Parker was another baby boy that I had the pleasure of photographing when he was a newborn and again around his 1st birthday!  With winter babies, it's a little trickier to get the nice outdoor shots around their birthday.  It was nice out, but it was still pretty cold down at the beach! 

I think it is his birthday today, so happy birthday Mister Parker!!!

Baby Olive

Saturday, December 17, 2011 | |

I have had a lot of sessions with new baby girls in the last month.  It is wonderful to see how different and unique each one of them are.  Olive was a very alert little girl at only 6 days old.  She was full of great expressions too :)  Olive's mom wanted to get natural and simple shots from our session and I hope we accomplished that!

Thanks again to Kathryn, Brent, Hazel and Olive!

Baby Ella

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 | |

Sweet Ella was born in November and seems to have nestled into life with her mom and dad nicely :)  She took a bit of convincing to send her off to dreamland, but with a bit of patience, off she drifted.  Ella had such cute little lips and unbelievably long eyelashes - she's such a sweetie!

Thank you and congratulations to Conor and Kristine :)

Snowy Mama

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 | |

With a fresh dusting of snow covering the ground outside, it's the perfect time to post these snowy maternity photos!  We headed up the mountain to capture these and we timed it so the sun was just coming down at the end of our session and boy, it was getting cold!  Hat's off to this stunning lady for baring her belly it the chilly air!

Baby Tessa!

Monday, December 12, 2011 | |

Another baby girl!  Lovely little Tessa arrived a couple of weeks early and was 16 days old for our session, but she was still quite sleepy and tiny.  Tessa's mom, Tara, received the session as a gift from her co-workers and I hope that they are all pleased with the photos that we captured of her precious babe.  Tessa's dad was working during our time together but we snuck his shirt and boots into one of the shots :)

Thanks so much to Tara and Tessa for inviting me to your home for our session!

Baby Arianna!

| |

Arianna (or Aria for short) was one week old for our session.  She was another babe who decided to arrive before we managed to get a maternity session done!  Although new parents, Christina and Zak were a little younger than most of the newborn clients I've had, they certainly weren't lacking in love and skills in caring for their little one.

Although I was sad to have missed out on the beautiful Christina's maternity shoot, I was so happy to meet sweet Arianna.  Congratulations to this new family of three!!!

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