Goodbye Garrett

Monday, December 27, 2010 | |

Garrett's mom, Karen, contacted me last week to see if we could squeeze in a quick session around Christmas.  We found a spare hour on the 23rd and got it done :)  Eighteen year old Garrett is leaving mom's nest today and heading out to Fort McMurray to look for work.  Karen wanted to capture some photos to remember Garrett by in his last few days at home.  It was a ridiculously stormy, nasty day - so we opted to do the photos inside.  You can see the sideways rain coming down in the one photo that we did on the front steps of their home.  Haha - I was out in the wind and rain trying to balance on a ladder, hold an umbrella and take the photos.  It wasn't a very graceful scene!
I wish Garrett the best of luck in Fort McMurray and I hope that mom finds something in these photos that will help the memories of her son stay fresh in her mind!

Sweet Baby Violet!

Sunday, December 19, 2010 | |

Sweetness just naturally oozes from this family.  Good natured little Violet is going to fit in just perfectly with the rest of her loving and gentle family.  Violet is joining her family eight years after her big brother Issah who will undoubtedly help to make sure she is happy and safe as she grows up.

I did mama Joyce's belly photos back in October and was so pleased to photograph the whole family only a week after Violet's birth.  May I also add that Joyce is looking obscenly beautiful considering she gave birth such a short time ago! Violet slept for about half of our session and was happily awake for the rest of the time. 

 Welcome to the world baby Violet!

I also want to say thanks to my own mother for helping me find props to use in photos - including the violet in the first photo.  Thanks Mom!

Ridiculously Good Looking Family

Thursday, December 16, 2010 | |

At a glance, there probably is no better way to describe this family - but, they are also rad AND awesome. 

If you live in Cumberland, you are most likely going to recognize Kim, Blair, Taylor & Kai.  Maybe you know Kim from her great new hair studio, RAW Hair.  Maybe you know Blair from the work he does as a volunteer firefighter with the Cumberland Fire Department.  Maybe you've seen Taylor's head of perfect blonde curls bouncing down the sidewalk or little Kai running around like he's 2 years old, when he just turned one.

Thanks guys!  See ya around Dodge :)

Mistletoe Kisses

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 | |

A couple of weeks ago, Teneille from firefly : new beginnings approached me with the idea of offering FREE photo booth style portraits in firefly.  I agreed that it would be a  fun way to thank our customers and clients and send them off with an image they can use to remember this holiday season.  
We set it up  last Friday afternoon for parents and their little ones to come and pucker up under the mistletoe.  Although some of the photos don't actually have a kiss involved, they are still pretty cute!
Thanks to everyone who participated this year and to anyone who missed it - we may just have to do it again next year :)

Here are some of my favorite smooches!

RCMP-eanut (Haha...get it?)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 | |

This beautiful little girlie clearly already has her RCMP parents wrapped around her tiny finger.  Kallie Ireland is her name and her parents Jaclyn and Eric drove all the way from Pemberton to have her photographed.  Wow!  No pressure though, right guys?!
When I had previously mentioned to mama that the best time to take newborn photos is in the first two weeks, she took me seriously for sure.  Little Kallie was exactly two weeks old on the day of our session and she was still a nice and squishy for us.
I couldn't resist asking Jaclyn & Eric to bring part of their RCMP uniform for the photos - we were laughing that Kallie will probably hate those photos in her teenage years :)
Kallie was being an absolute doll and let us put her is a number of different scenarios. 
I don't know if it's possible to die from a cuteness overload, but if it is, please don't look at the last photo where she is smiling - I'm warning you!

If you want to see mama's belly photos, you can see them here!

I am so honoured that you made the trip down for our session and I hope that it was worth your time and effort!

Merry Mama

Monday, December 13, 2010 | |

Erin and Scott are expecting their first baby right around Christmas, so we did do a couple of photos incorporating a sort of wintery/Christmas theme.  We used a snowflake ornament that I spotted at their house pre-session and some Christmas ribbon to wrap around that lovely little gift.

We also included some rocks that hold sentimental value for this couple - cool idea Erin!

The Petersens also brought their dog along - I love the image of the dog looking up at the belly.  It was cold enough that a little puff of steamy breath was captured.  Cute!

I will be looking forward to our upcoming newborn session and I hope that they are too!

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