Brianna & Aaron (& Kayden) - Engaged!

Friday, July 29, 2011 | |

This trio traveled to the Comox Valley from Kelowna to start arranging plans for their wedding that is going to take place here next July.  We set up an engagement session so we could meet each other and take some photos!  I think they would agree that a little practice shoot prior to the wedding will make those wedding photos a little less nerve wracking :)

It was fun having 8 year old Kayden with us to liven up the session too - he especially enjoyed the opportunity to splash Brianna and Aaron :)

It was great to meet you all and I will be looking forward to your wedding day next year as I know it will be a lot of fun!

Baby Caydence - Early Arrival

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 | |

I had scheduled and rescheduled a maternity session with Alisha and Jeff because of this silly weather.  We had our final date and time set when Alisha was 36 weeks - I received a call that day saying that little Caydence had arrived the day before!  I was sad to miss out on doing a maternity session with this couple, but so happy to be able to photograph their teeny tiny little doll!

I was so surprised at how natural and at ease Alisha and Jeff were with Caydence.  I know that if my first baby had arrived early, I would have been a total disaster in the parenting department :)  These two were calm, relaxed and so thrilled with their precious little girl.

Caydence was an absolute dream throughout our session.  She was still so sleepy that we pretty much did whatever we wanted with her and she continued to snooze.  There were so many great shots, I had a terribly difficult time narrowing it down - but I'm not complaining.

The last image with the sheep makes me giggle because of the goofy smile on the sheep's face but this sheep helped Alisha out during pregnancy and labour as a comfy pillow, so she wanted to include her friend in a photo.

Thanks so much to this beautiful family - you really made my job easy :)

Baby Eric

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 | |

Wow!  I have been so lucky with the babies I have been photographing lately.  They have all been so calm and content, not to mention cute!

Eric was awake for most of our session, but he fell asleep near the end and he looked so sweet when he was sleeping.  What an adorable little guy :)

This session was relaxed and fun and I had a great time.  I hope that Eric's mom and dad are happy with these photos!


Friday, July 22, 2011 | |

The cutest, sweetest month old twin boys!  Need I say more?!

Caroline :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011 | |

After four long years, Caroline recently had her braces removed.  Having a long stint with braces on myself when I was younger, I know how good it feels to finally get those suckers off and smile :)

Caroline's mom has had each of her three children photographed separately by me over the last few months.  I think it's pretty cool that she let them each do their own individual little sessions.  I look forward to seeing which image of Caroline is chosen to hang on the wall alongside her brother and sister!

The Dixons + One on the Way

Friday, July 15, 2011 | |

The Dixons are my next door neighbours and it was nice to get a chance to spend a little time with them and capture their little family before it expands to four in a couple of weeks :)

Dana and I went out first to do some solo maternity photos first and then we met up with the boys a little later for some family photos.  Dana is 9 months pregnant and you know you must be carrying your pregnancy well when you are still getting gawked and honked at by passers by.  It`s not by some miracle that she looks this good though.  She works hard at it and has trained to help others as a personal trainer.  You can get more info on her personal training business here!  On top of that she runs a busy in-home daycare - yeesh, I get tired just thinking about it!

We met up with Kevin and four year old, Brayden at the beach and everyone did great in front of the camera and the sun even peeked out for us at the end...which has been hard to come by these days!

The last photo was just something fun we did, because her eyes reminded me of the girl from this old National Geographic cover :)

Thanks to the Dixon family for letting me be there to photograph your growing family, I hope that these photos make you smile!

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