Teeny Tiny Tenley

Saturday, February 26, 2011 | |

Sweet Tenley is a tiny girl, weighing in at just over 5 pounds when these photos were taken.  It is pretty amazing to see a perfect little girl in that tiny package.  

Tenley was total doll during our session and was quite cooperative with our antics!  She started getting a little fed up by the time we put her in a tutu and laid her down in a doll bed.  After a little patience, we managed to get one shot and she looks pretty darn cute if you ask me :)

Congratulations to Kari and Chris on their beautiful girl Tenley!

Rainy Day Baby Bump

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 | |

What a nasty day for an outdoor photo shoot!  It was raining extremely hard and Lacey & Eric were traveling from Nanaimo for our session.  We decided to give it a try outside in spite of the weather.  We quickly realized that we were going to be very wet and cold if we stayed out, so we headed inside!

I know that this couple had envisioned their images being captured outside in nature, but I am hoping that they will see how their love for each other shines through regardless of what the backdrop is.

Thanks Lacey and Eric!  Can't wait to meet your little one :)

Beautiful Baby James

Monday, February 21, 2011 | |

What a gorgeous boy!  

Our session started out with a malfunctioning camera, forcing us to reschedule to the following day and my ending up having to purchase a new camera.  It was unexpected, but after I have my first camera fixed, at least I will have a back up camera, which I was saving up for, but wasn't quite ready to purchase.  Oh well!  Haha.

James' mom and dad were extremely understanding and we finished our session the next day with wide awake baby James.  He was a very quiet and content baby and he was a dream to photograph.

Thanks to Rob and Arielle for giving me a second shot!  Hope you enjoy your photos :)

Baby Byron

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 | |

This sweet and content little man was 11 days old when we had our session.  Mom, Dad and Grandma were all present for the photo shoot and you could immediately see how lucky little Byron is to have come into such a loving family.  It was incredibly sweet how in awe Mom was of her adorable new son.

Welcome Baby Byron! 

A Little Valentine's Day Hotness!

Monday, February 14, 2011 | |

A couple of weeks ago, my friend approached me with the idea of having a sexy photo shoot with a group of her girlfriends in time to take some images to make their hunnies happy on Valentine's Day.  She had just moved into the iconic old post office building in Cumberland which has been renovated into a perfectly awesome place to hang out, drink some wine and capture some sweet and sexy photos.  

We would love to host events like this for other women in this swanky and stylish venue, complete with complimentary wine and snacks.  Boudoir photos make a great gift for your partner at any time of the year, but are also a great thing to do for yourself!

It was honestly so much fun and it was great to see these gorgeous women cheering each other on and having a great time :)

If you are interested in booking a party or if you just want to do it solo, please get in touch with me.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

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