Baby Echo

Friday, January 28, 2011 | |

Eight day old, Echo, was probably the smiliest newborn that I have ever photographed.  Even if it's involuntary, it's still so incredibly precious!
We opted to do this session in the late evening, so we had to work quickly to capture a few photos with big brother, Tanner, before bedtime.  He's still a little unsure of his baby sister.  It must be rough sharing the spotlight after 18 months being mom & dad's bright, shiny star!  I photographed little mini Tanner in 2009.  Check out his adorable baby-face here.

After Tanner was all snuggled up in bed, we focused on little Echo, who was such a doll with her luscious head of hair and her beautiful thick, long eyelashes.  No doubt that she is going to be stunning when she's older :)

Thanks to Jessica, Shawn and Tanner for letting me come take photos of the newest member of their family.  Thanks to Kat as well for being a lovely assistant!

Baby Akio!

Thursday, January 27, 2011 | |

One month old, Akio, came for a visit from Vancouver with his mom and dad recently.  I am long time friends with his parents, but I can tell that Akio and I are going to be pretty tight.
In between visiting, we snapped a few photos of Akio, who is utterly perfect.  
I did belly photos for mama when I visited them in Vancouver in November.  Take a peek here.

Baby Parker

Friday, January 21, 2011 | |

Parker's proud parents, Alisha & Roy, were actually expecting a girl after being told so during an ultrasound.  I'm sure that the surprise had to have been pleasant when this handsome little man hit the scene :)

Parker was already a month old when we had our session a few days ago and he was a perfect little gentleman.  I always see something in every baby that is especially adorable, and in Parker's case, it was undoubtedly his chin.  Take a peek and you will see why!

Thanks to Parker and his parents for inviting me into their home and for having a good sense of humour (see pool table photo)!

Baby Maci

Friday, January 7, 2011 | |

This was my sixth and final newborn session that took place over the last 3 weeks.  It was a wonderful way to finish the little baby spree that I was on!  

Maci (love her name) was incredibly cooperative in her sleepy state.  She was two weeks old at the time of our session, so I was happily surprised at her willingness to be moved around.  Mama requested that we do the "muscle man" pose with Dad.  It reminded me of when I did it with my own daughter and husband almost one year ago.  Man!  Time flies!  You can check out my family version here.
When dad, Denny, told me that Maci was a "redneck baby" we had to include something to signify that.  Denny put on a camoflauge shirt and we nestled Maci up on his chest.  I think it's adorable :)
Maci's mom is yet another one of my client's who looks just as beautiful after giving birth than she did during our belly session.  Check out Carrie's maternity photos here.

Congratulations on your gorgeous bundle Carrie and Denny!

Level 10 - Modern Vintage

Thursday, January 6, 2011 | |

Level 10 Eurospa in Courtenay is celebrating 20 years in business this year which is truly amazing! Three stylists and two makeup artists worked all day on their gorgeous (& patient) models and the results were stunning.  I loved the theme "Modern Vintage" and the ladies did an excellent job of pulling everything together.

We actually shot this back in November, but lucky for me, the ladies at Level 10 were okay with waiting for their images until the madness of Christmas subsided.  Thanks so much for you patience!

This shoot was something totally different for me and I must say that it was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to doing more like this in the future :)

Be sure to check out Level 10 on Facebook to hear about current specials and great tips.

Here are a few of the favorites!

 Credit for the following photos;
Hair : Brittany
Makeup: Haley

Credit for the following photo;
Hair: Kim
Makeup: Haley

Credit for the following photos;
Hair: Kim
Makeup: Alicia

Credit for the following photo;
Hair: Beth
Makeup: Haley

Credit for the following photos;
Hair: Beth
Makeup: Alicia

Miss Bitty Becca

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The first time I saw a photo of Miss Bitty Becca, I knew I had to photograph her!  She is two months old now, but I swear that she was born with almost the same amount of hair that she has now.
Becca's mama is my husband's cousin and when they came to visit over the holidays we found time to do a little mini session.  She is too cute for words, so that's all I will say!

Okay, one other thing I will mention is the cloth diaper that she is wearing in a couple of the photos is from Firefly : New Beginnings and they have a great deal on them right now.  If you are in the market for a cloth diaper starter kit, check out this link!

Baby Landon

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 | |

Little Landon came right on schedule, being born on his due date!  One week old, Landon, was certainly the most at ease in his mama's arms, so we did quite a few photos of him with her.  As beautiful as mama looked, she wasn't keen on having her photo taken, but she made a nice background for her new baby boy :)

Landon was born looking like he can straight from the hair salon, complete with a perfect little blonde faux-hawk.  So precious!  You can see where he gets his good looks from - check out his gorgeous mama's belly photos here.

Thanks to Jody and Victoria for inviting me to capture memories of your beautiful son/grandson in his first week of life!

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