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Sometimes photo sessions don't exactly go according to plan.  I try and prepare as much as possible for a photo shoot, but I am still left in a situation I couldn't have foreseen.  I met up with Marnie and her husband-to-be for a winter beach session.  It was incredibly windy, wavy and foamy down at Goose Spit.  However, we did manage to hit literally the only place in the Valley with a tiny spot of sunshine.  We had a lot of fun during our session, but when I got home and looks at the images, a lot of them seemed foggy.  The salt in the air had left a residue on my lens as we were shooting and although I continually wiped, I was not pleased with the number of usable images we ended up with.  This couple had traveled from the North Island, but luckily when I contacted them, they were up for Round Two before they headed back home!  The images I posted are from both of the days.

I felt a lot better about the end result after we had the chance to capture more images the following day!

Thanks so much for allowing me a second shot and I sincerely hope you are pleased with the results!


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